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Homosexual Behavior

Gn 1:27male and female God made them
Gn 2:21-24man and woman become oneMan and woman are made for each other in ways that homosexual "union" can only imitate.
Gn 19:12-25wicked of Sodom destroyed
Lv 18:22abomination, death
Lv 18:29abomination, death
Lv 20:13abomination, death
Ez 16:49-50guilt of Sodom = abominationPride, gluttony, and idleness, with never a thought for the less fortunate, lead to all kinds of lust.
-- Challoner
Rm 1:27shameful; lawlessMen giving up the natural for the unnatural; men lusting after men.
1 Tm 1:9-10shameful; lawless
1 Cr 6:9-10shall not inherit kingdom
Ju 1:7immoral, unnatural, for eternal fire
Jb 36:13-14condemned with effeminateThe reprobate lose their souls and are condemned to die among the effeminate or male prostitutes.
Rm 1:32Supporters guilty tooSupporters of immoral behavior and lifestyles are to be judged harshly as well.
Je 23:14Wicked Israel likened to SodomThe wickedness of Israel (adultery, idol worship, etc.) will cause the Lord to destroy them. (Practically the whole of Jeremiah is about Israel's pending doom.) That is, the sins of Israel are now too much for God to ignore and a cleansing must take place. The house of Israel is likened to Sodom and Gomorrah by the Lord. Clearly, Sodom and Gomorrah were synonymous with a very great evil.