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Good Works [play a role]

Charity in Action

2 Cr 8:10-14Deeds complete the willPaul is talking about alms-giving, recommending a charitable heart (not commanding, for God judges their true heart).

Judged according to Deeds

Rm 2:2-8eternal life, persevere in works
2 Cr 5:10works weighed at judgment
2 Cr 11:15their end to match their deeds
1 Pt 1:17God judges on works of each
Co 3:24-25works weighed at judgment
Rv 20:12-13dead judged on their deeds
Rv 14:13their deeds follow themThe deeds of the dead follow them to judgement
Mt 16:27works weighed at judgment
Mt 25:34-40you fed me, visited meBelievers who acted out of love attain salvation, the kingdom prepared for them.
Mt 25:44-46you gave me not to eatConversely, believers (verse 44, note that they address Him as "Lord") without love and works cast into everlasting punishment.

Works as part of Salvation

Mt 7:21not Lord, Lord, but he who acts
Mt 19:16-17for life, keep commandments
Jn 14:21love me, keep my commandments
Rm 2:2-8eternal life, persevere in works
Ga 5:4-6only faith working through loveAnd this is crucial. Good works without faith, without charity, are not salvational.
Ep 2:8-10created in Jesus for good works
Pp 2:12-13work out your salvation
Ja 2:14-24justified not by faith aloneThe only time "faith alone" appears in the Bible, it is preceded by "we are justified not by...". Three times James makes this point.

For more, see Sola Fide [Faith Alone? NO!]
Je 31:16Reward for worksEntry into the promised land, from the enemy's land, based on their works or labors.
AA 26:20works worthy of penanceIn Hebrew, the root word for "repent" has both a sense of "a change of heart," but also of penance (a change in behavior, restitution). A change with both interior and exterior effects that go hand in hand. Paul expects true conversion to affect their behavior (variously translated as "works" [KJV, DRB]; or their "deeds" [NIV, LB, RSV, NJB] ) as well as their hearts and minds. Paul: "repent, turn to God, doing works worthy of penance."