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Church as Bride of Christ

Christ as Bridegroom

Mt 9:15Bridegroom with friendsHere Jesus identifies himself as the bridegroom. The Hebrew idiom, "children of the bridegroom," has the meaning of close associates of the groom.
Mt 25:1Christ as bridegroomIn the Greek, it is simply "before the bridegroom" ("and bride" is implied by the local custom of the wedding feast). Christ as the bridegroom.
Mt 25:10bridegroom at feastChrist as the bridegroom and the wedding feast as heaven.

"Christ is the Bridegroom and the Church the Bride." -- St. Jerome
Mk 2:19-20Guests of BridegroomJesus identifies himself as the bridegroom and the apostles as his guests with whom He will be only temporarily.
Lk 5:34-35Friends of BridegroomThe apostles are the friends of the bridegroom, Jesus.
Jn 3:29Groom's attendantJohn the Baptist likens himself to a friend attending the groom (not unlike a modern-day best man). Jesus is the bridegroom.

Church as Bride

Ep 5:23Church as Christ's wifeEvery now and then, popular speculation arises regarding the possibility of Jesus being married (to Mary Magdalene, usually). The NT is full of references to Christ as bridegroom. But the bride is the Church, "for Christ loved the Church." For Christ to have married another would make a mockery of his mission, his love, his sacrifice, and scripture.
Ep 5:24Church submits to ChristChurch to behave as biblical wife.
Ep 5:25Christ loves ChurchShowing true love, Christ sacrificed himself for the Church. Always faithful, Christ loves her still.
Ep 5:27-28Church as virginal bride
Ep 5:31-32leave father, unite with wifePaul refers to the sacramental mystery of Holy Matrimony, but explicitly applies it to Christ and His Church. And similarly, Christ left his Father to unite with His Church.
Rv 21:2New Jerusalem as brideNew Jerusalem, a metaphor for God's people (church), identified as bride of Christ.
Rv 21:9New Jerusalem as brideNew Jerusalem, a metaphor for God's people (church), explicitly called "the wife of the Lamb."