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A Brief History of ApologeticsA long and honorable track record of vindicating the Faith
The Meaning, Object, and Purpose of ApologeticsExplaining and defending the basic truths of the Faith
Catholics and The Holy BibleThe authority of the Bible rests on the authority of the Church
Tradition and the Living MagisteriumDoctrines, Accounts, Customs and their Mode of Transmission
The Organized Church In The New TestamentDid Jesus give us an abstraction or a concrete, though spiritual, entity? -- Knox
Identifying the Church of ChristWhich is the united, universal, immovable Church?
The Four Positives of the True ChurchHeresy and Schism vs. One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic
The Teaching Authority of the ChurchAn Appeal to the Superior Knowledge of the Church -- Knox
The Giver and Interpreter of ScriptureThe Church keeps for her children the treasure she originally gave them
The Resurrection of the BodyA defense of the immortality of man
The Communion of SaintsOur friends in the heavenly country
Veneration of ImagesHistory and Theory of the Veneration of Images
Catholic Faith, Catholic IntellectThe Beauty and Reward of Catholic Faith
Why I Am a CatholicGuardian of the truth against the errors of the world -- G.K. Chesterton
The Paradoxes of ChristianityAllowing good things to run wild -- G.K. Chesterton
What is Heresy?The marring by exception of the complete Christian religion -- Belloc
History Refutes ProtestantismThe Christianity of history is not Protestantism -- Newman
Against MaterialismA Rational Approach to an Irrational, Primitive Philosophy
The Modern AttackA wholesale assault upon the very existence of the Faith -- Belloc
Catholicism and "Modernism"The hope of modernists to diminish the orthodoxy of the Church
The New PaganismA delight in superficiality, denial of evil, and irrationality -- Belloc
The Second SpringA spiritual renewal for those discouraged over the current state of the Church

Bible Study: General

Introduction to the BibleThe Divine Library of Sacred Scriptures -- Pope
Biblical IntroductionTopics touching the detailed study and correct exposition of Holy Writ
The BibleCollection of writings which the Church solemnly recognizes as inspired -- Gigot
Authenticity of the BibleThe twofold authority of the Holy Bible
InspirationA supernatural impulse to write with the aid of divine illumination -- Pope
On the Inspiration of ScriptureOn historical research, modern science and the bible -- Newman
The Inspiration of the BibleAs held by Jews, Catholics, and Protestants -- Durand
The Senses of Sacred ScriptureHow to read and understand the Bible
Types in ScriptureA person, thing, or action, with its own existence, that prefigures something in the future
HermeneuticsRules which govern the right interpretation of Sacred Scripture
Higher CriticismLarger aspects of Bible study such as authorship, date, composition, and authority
Textual Criticism of the BibleSeeking to Restore the Original Bible Texts
Biblical ExegesisTheological Discipline which investigates the true sense of Scripture
Scriptural TropologyTheory and practice of interpreting the figurative meaning of Holy Writ
Biblical AccommodationUsing Scripture to signify ideas different from those expressed by the sacred author
Difficulties of Private InterpretationThe unanswered questions of the Bible-only scheme
The EpistleThe historical development of the epistle in the Bible.

Bible Study: Old Testament Books

GenesisThe history of the origin of the Chosen People
ExodusThe second book of Moses detailing the Israelites leaving Egypt
LeviticusOn the sacrifices by which men drew near to God
NumbersThe sojourn at Sinai and the wanderings in the desert
DeuteronomyThe final book of Moses, giving a "second" or "supplemental" law
Joshua, or JosueCovers the period between the death of Moses and that of Joshua
JudgesCovers the period from the death of Joshua to that of Samson
RuthThe story of a Gentile woman, the Great-Grandmother of David
Four Books of KingsThe Theocracy comes to a close and Monarchy begins
The Books of Chronicles, aka ParalipomenonTwo books with summary of sacred history from Adam to the end of the Captivity
Paralipomenon, aka I and II ChroniclesThe Levitical history of Israel
Esdras and NehemiahCovers 100 years following the Decree of Cyrus.
Tobias, or TobitFaithfulness to the Law is rewarded
The Book of Tobias, aka TobitA canonical book of the Old Testament.
Book of JudithThe illustrious woman saves the children of Israel from the destruction
JudithThe story of a Jewish heroine who saves Israel
EstherAn heroic woman saves the Jews from a terrible danger
The Book of JobWhat is the cause of afflictions which beset the just?
JobOne of the books of the Old Testament and the protagonist of it
The PsalterWidely considered the hymnbook of Israel
Book of ProverbsOne of the Sapiential writings of the Old Testament
ProverbsA collection of wise sayings largely attributed to Solomon
EcclesiastesSolomon's teachings on the theology of nature
Canticle of CanticlesThe wedding-song of spiritual nuptials
EcclesiasticusWritten by Jesus, son of Sirach
Book of WisdomPractical wisdom that leads man to union with God
Isaiah, aka IsaiasPerhaps the most famous of the Old Testament Prophets
Jeremiah, aka JeremiasThe great prophet of desolation and consolation
LamentationsJeremiah bewails the ruin of Jerusalem
BaruchA prophetic work by Jeremiah's scribe
EzechielA major Prophet of the Old Testament coming after Jeremiah
Book of DanielApocalyptic work to comfort God's people under a cruel persecution
DanielTheology, Character, and Style of the Book of Daniel
Hosea, archaically OseeThe first of the Minor or lesser Prophets
JoelA Prophecy of Locusts and the Final Judgment
AmosAn Old Testament Prophet not to be confused with the father of Isaiah
Obadiah, archaically AbdiasThe shortest book of Prophecy in the Bible foretells the destruction of Edom
JonahA Minor Prophet and the History of his Prophecy
Micah, archaically MicheasA Prophecy of God's Just Punishment and Mercy
NahumA Prophecy about the fall of Nineveh
Habakkuk, or HabacucA Prophecy of Divine justice and mercy
Zephaniah, archaically SophoniasA Prophecy of Universal Judgment and Universal Salvation
Zechariah, or ZachariasA Prophecy of the coming Messiah and his kingdom
Haggai, archaically AggeusA Prophecy concerned with the re-building of the Temple
Malachi, aka MalachiasThe last of the Old Testament Prophets
The Two Books of MaccabeesThe Jews just before the advent of Our Lord

Bible Study: Old Testament

Understanding the "Days" of GenesisInterpreting the 6 Days of Creation
Alleged Sources of Genesis I-III"Modern Critical" Theory on the Two Creations Fails in the Particulars
Paschal LambThe sacrificial victim without blemish that must be eaten
The Mosaic LawLate Dating Theory of Modern Criticism Fails on Several Points
Ark in the BibleBiblical term applied to Noah's refuge and to the tabernacle
Wellhausen vs. the Levitical PriesthoodThe Documentary Hypothesis tries to Overturn Inspiration
Number, Order, and Arrangement of the Old Testament BooksDifferences between Hebrew and Catholic Scripture
The Canon of the Old TestamentThe Church relies on Apostolic Tradition
On the Prophets in GeneralOverview of the role of Prophet in the Old Testament
The ProphetsOld Testament Prophecy and Modern Critical Attempts to Explain It Away
IdolatryWorship of anyone or anything but the true God
Parables of the Old TestamentRiddles, veiled sayings, allegories, proverbs, and solemn utterances
Miracles of the Old TestamentThe Powers of Nature are Transcended to Various Degrees
Chronological TablesFrom Abram to Maccabees
The Messianic PropheciesThe entire Old Testament is prophetic of the Messiah
The Biblical Commission And Its DecreesRegarding the Old Testament

Bible Study: New Testament Books

The Gospel According to St. MatthewThe author, "sources," and characteristics of the first Gospel
The Gospel According to St. MarkThe author, characteristics, and authenticity of the second Gospel
The Gospel According to Saint LukeThe author, "sources," and characteristics of the third Gospel
The Gospel According to St. JohnThe author, analysis, and authenticity of the fourth Gospel
Acts of the ApostlesPurpose, analysis and authenticity of the Acts of the Apostles
The Acts of the ApostlesOn the Foundation of the Church
Epistle to the RomansAuthenticity, Integrity, and Theological Content of St. Paul's Epistle
The Epistle to the RomansThe Gentile and The Jew and The Grace Of God.
The Corinthian EpistlesThe Church planted in a Wealthy and Immoral City
The Two Epistles to the CorinthiansBackground on the Founding and Organization of the Church at Corinth
The First Epistle to the CorinthiansThe Importance, the Divisions, and the Teachings of St. Paul's Epistle
The Second Epistle to the CorinthiansThe Background, Style, Divisions, and Unity of the Second Epistle
Epistle to the GalatiansThe Importance, the Contents, and the Difficulties of the Epistle
The Epistle to the GalatiansFor those easily led astray by false teachers
Epistle to the EphesiansSpecial Characteristics, Doctrines, Authenticity, and Analysis of the Epistle
Epistle to the PhilippiansAnalysis, Authenticity, and Doctrine of the Epistle
The Epistle To The PhilippiansOn Joy and Unity
Epistle to the ColossiansEpistle written by St. Paul during his first imprisonment in Rome
The Epistle to the ColossiansThe Christological Epistle
Epistles to the ThessaloniansTwo Letters to the Thessalonians from St. Paul
The Pastoral Epistles to Timothy and TitusThe Authenticity of the New Testament books
The Epistle To PhilemonThe Most Personal of Paul's Letters
Epistle to PhilemonLetter of St. Paul to a close friend
Epistle to the HebrewsOn the Person of Christ and His Divine mediatorial office
Epistle of St. JamesAn Epistle to the Jewish Christians outside Palestine
The Epistle of St. JamesAnalysis, Vocabulary, and Theology of this Epistle
Epistles of Saint PeterTwo canonical letters by St. Peter, the Apostle
Epistles of St. JohnThree canonical books of the New Testament written by John the Apostle
Epistle of Saint JudeLetter written against dogmatic and moral errors amongst Hebrew Christians
The Epistle of St. JudeA "word of warning" to the faithful
Apocalypse of Saint JohnAlso known as the Book of Revelation among Protestants.
The Apocalypse of St. JohnThe Promises of God Fulfilled

Bible Study: Major New Testament Events

The Virgin Birth of ChristCatholic doctrine vs. Modern attacks
The Temptation of ChristThe trials of Jesus in the Holy Bible
The Transfiguration of ChristThe high point of His public ministry
The Last SupperThe Institution of the Holy Eucharist
The Agony of ChristThe anguish of Our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemani
The Passion of Jesus ChristAs detailed in all four Gospels
The ResurrectionJesus Christ conquers death
The AscensionChrist ascends into heaven by His own power

Bible Study: New Testament

The New Testament in GeneralIn relation to the Old Testament and the Church
Canon of the New TestamentThe formation of the New Testament list of sacred books
Languages in New Testament PalestineSome Common Misconceptions Addressed
The Authenticity of the GospelsRationalists attack the Catholic Bible in order to deny Jesus
An Overview of the GospelsThe "good news" first preached and then written.
The Synoptic ProblemHow did the Synoptic Gospels come to be so similar?
Christ in the New TestamentSeeing Jesus as One deflects Modern attempts to deconstruct Him
Kingdom of GodIndicates both God's supremacy and an interior belief
Parables of the New TestamentA story about earthly things, but with a spiritual message
Miracles of the New TestamentAction or proof by Divine power outside the ordinary course of nature
The "Sects" of the JewsJosephus on the Pharisees and the Sadducees
Jewish Religious LifeJewish Proselytes, the Dispersion, Synagogues, and the Temple
Jewish Official or Political LifeScribes, Sanhedrin, Publicans, Money and Tribute
Textual Criticism of the New TestamentIts Function, Materials, and Usage
The "Brethren" Of The LordHistorical theories to explain this common expression
Brethren of the LordA group of persons closely connected with the Savior
Alpha and OmegaScriptural Foundations and History of the Use of Alpha and Omega (Greek: Α and Ω)
AntichristIn common, biblical and ecclesiastical usage.
The Abomination of DesolationA scriptural expression for some idolatrous emblem
The Life of St. PaulOn his Life and Death
St. Paul's EpistlesAn Overview of St. Paul's Correspondence
The Catholic EpistlesEpistles for the Church at Large
The Life of St. PeterThe Prince of the Apostles
Decisions of the Biblical CommissionRegarding the four Gosepls

Bible Study: Prayer

The Our FatherAlso known as the Lord's Prayer or the Pater Noster
The Pater NosterAn Explanation of the Lord's Prayer -- Aquinas
The BeatitudesSolemn blessings marking the start of the Sermon on the Mount
The MagnificatThe Canticle (or Song) of Mary
The BenedictusThe Canticle of Zachary
Nunc DimittisThe Canticle of Simeon

Vatican Documents

Lamentabili SaneSyllabus condemning modernism in Scripture exegesis; Pope Pius X, 1907


Providentissimus DeusPapal Encyclical on the Study of the Holy Bible; Pope Leo XIII, 1893
Spiritus ParaclitusPapal Encyclical on St. Jerome; Pope Benedict XV, 1920.
Divino Afflante SpirituPapal Encyclical on Promoting Bible Studies; Pope Pius XII, 1943
Pascendi Dominici GregisPapal Encyclical on the Doctrines of Modernists; Pope Pius X, 1907


Dei VerbumThe Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation from Vatican II

Bible Source Texts

The Hebrew BibleNo official version existed at the time of Our Lord
Septuagint VersionThe first translation of the Hebrew Old Testament
The Samaritan PentateuchThe Hebrew Pentateuch in Samaritan characters
The Greek Translations of the BibleMultiple Greek Translations and Corrections in the Early Church
The Latin Versions of the BibleOrigin and revision of the Latin Bible manuscripts
The Greek New TestamentThe lingua franca of the early centuries of Christianity
The Syriac New TestamentThe Peshitta and other important Bible versions
The Coptic New TestamentDocumenting the spread of Christianity in Egypt
The Latin New TestamentOrigin and revision of the Latin New Testament manuscripts
Versions of the BibleMajor translations of the Bible in various languages
Manuscripts of the BibleHand-written copies of the whole Bible, or parts thereof
Editions of the BiblePrinted Reproductions of Original Texts
Codex VaticanusThe most important of all the manuscripts of Holy Scripture
Codex AmiatinusThe most celebrated manuscript of the Latin Vulgate
Codex AlexandrinusValuable Greek manuscript of the Old and New Testaments
Codex SinaiticusA Greek manuscript of the Bible of the greatest antiquity and value
Codex BezaeOne of the five most important Greek New Testament manuscripts
Codex Ephraemi RescriptusOne of the four great uncial MSS. of the Greek Bible
Preservation of the Bible TextTwo Millennia Dedicated to the Preservation of the Text

Bible: Translation Issues

Thoughts on Bible TranslationLiteral and Literary methods of translation -- Knox
Some Problems of Bible TranslationHesitations over obscurities -- Knox

History of the Catholic Bible

The Canon of Sacred ScriptureA brief history of how the Catholic Bible came to be
Canon of the Holy ScripturesDetailed Review of the History of Holy Writ
Correcting Some Myths About the Catholic BiblePopular misconceptions about the Catholic Bible are set straight
The Making of the Old TestamentHow it came to be composed of certain books and no others
The Church Precedes the New TestamentHistory makes obvious which came first
The Catholic Church Compiles the New Testament Where Protestants obtained their Bible
Deficiencies of the Protestant BibleHow Protestant leaders went wrong
The Original Manuscripts and their DisappearanceWhere did all the bible manuscripts go?
Variations in Bible Texts Fatal to Protestant TheoryAn authority external to the Bible is required
Our Debt to Catholic MonksThey saved the Bible from total extinction
Bible Reading in the "Dark Ages"The notion that the Catholic Bible was not widely read is nonsense
Where are all the Medieval Bibles?Consumed by the greed and fanaticism of 16th century revolutionaries
Vernacular Scriptures Plentiful before WycliffThe Catholic Bible was provided in the "common tongue" for centuries
Why Wycliff was CondemnedBad translations of the Bible corrupt the faithful
Tyndale’s Condemnation VindicatedMore than 2,000 errors enumerated in Tyndale's book
A Deluge of Erroneous Bible VersionsThe irresponsible publish disgraceful bible translations
The Catholic BibleWhat care and reverence for Sacred Scripture can produce
Early Printed Catholic Bibles in the VernacularHundreds of Catholic Editions in Europe
The Bible in BritainThe History of the Catholic Bible in the British Isles
On The Bible And The ReformationProtestantism and the Word of God
The Douay-Rheims BibleFoundational English translation of the Catholic Bible
Scriptural GlossesAn explanation of difficult words but later including Scriptural Commentary
CatenaeCollections of excerpts from the writings of Biblical commentators
Rhymed BiblesEssentially collections of the Psalms

History of the Catholic Church

21 Ecumenical CouncilsHistorical setting and activities
The Chief HeresiesThe major corruptions of the doctrines of the Church
The Albigensian AttackThe Problem of Suffering and Evil -- Belloc
The Reformation and the Defection of BritainThe Christendom of Europe understood from within -- Belloc